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美化Contact Form 7表单样式

Beautify the Contract Form 7 Table style-WP-Host

美化Contact Form 7表单样式。Contact Form 7是使用人数非常多的免费wordpress表单插件,不过这个插件默认的样式不是太好看。我们可以通过CSS来修改和美化Contact Form 7表单,但是这种方式对初学者比较困难。所以今天的wordpress建站将为您分享使用插件来美化Contact Form 7表单的方法。

Beautify the Contract Form 7 Table style-WP-Host

Keep sharing wordpress tutorials. Although the Contact Form 7 plug-in is easy to use, its default form style is the simplest, which is not very good-looking. There are generally two ways to modify the style of the form module, one is to use CSS, and the other is to use wordpress plugins. Using CSS will be more complicated, so I won’t say much here. You can do it, and you can’t explain it clearly in a few words. Next, 【WP-Host/悦然wordpress建站】will introduce the method of using plug-ins to modify, as shown above is the form beautified using the plug-in.

The wordpress plug-in shared with you today is WOW Style Contact Form 7, which is specially used with the Contact Form 7 form plug-in.

Step 1: Install the WOW Style Contact Form 7 plugin

Beautify the Contract Form 7 Table style-WP-Host

The WOW Style Contact Form 7 plug-in needs to be charged, but it can also be used for free, but only one form can be set, which is free enough, and you can choose to buy it if you feel it is easy to use. Plug-ins can be directly searched, downloaded and installed in the background of wordpress website building.

Step 2: Set the form effect

Beautify the Contract Form 7 Table style-WP-Host

After installation, enter the plug-in settings, it will automatically recognize the form created by Contact Form 7, select the corresponding form, and then set the effect on the left, you can set the form background (feature of the paid version), font, border, button style, etc., the function is very rich, and the setting page can be compared with the original style, and you can save it after you are satisfied with the effect. You can install and experience the specific use of the plug-in. There is no difficulty in operation, just click the mouse.

Beautify the Contract Form 7 Table style-WP-Host

继续分享wordpress建站教程。Contact Form 7这款插件虽然好用,但是它默认的表单样式都是最简单的,不是很好看。想要修改表单模块的样式一般有两个方法,一个是使用CSS,另外一个是使用wordpress插件。使用CSS会比较复杂,这里就不多说了,会的都会,不会的也不是简单几句话能讲清楚的,接下来【WP-Host/悦然wordpress建站】还是介绍使用插件修改的方法,如上图就是使用插件美化过的表单。

今天给大家分享的wordpress插件是WOW Style Contact Form 7,这是一个专门配合Contact Form 7表单插件使用的。

步骤一:安装WOW Style Contact Form 7插件

Beautify the Contract Form 7 Table style-WP-Host

WOW Style Contact Form 7插件是需要收费的,不过免费的也能用,但只能设置一个表单,免费够用,如果感觉好用也可以选择购买。插件可以直接在wordpress建站后台搜索下载安装。


Beautify the Contract Form 7 Table style-WP-Host

安装之后进入插件设置,它会自动识别出Contact Form 7创建的表单,选中对应的表单,然后在左边设置效果就可以了,可以设置表单背景(付费版功能)、字体、边框、按钮样式等等,功能很丰富,而且设置页面可以与原来的样式相互对照,觉得效果满意之后保存即可。插件的具体使用大家可以安装体验一下,并没有什么操作上的难点,点点鼠标即可。

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