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How to add external link pictures to wordpress media library? (use plugin)

How to add external link pictures to wordpress media library? (use plugin). By default, the media files of the wordpress website can be uploaded and stored on the server, but external link pictures cannot be added to it. This does not affect the use, because we can insert external link pictures when editing articles. If you must add foreign trade pictures in the wordpress media library, you can try this free wordpress plugin I shared today


Sometimes we may use some external link pictures, which can be directly inserted in the article or page editing process, but how to add these external link pictures to the media library? By default, wordpress does not support adding externally linked images, and can only be uploaded locally. Although CDN and object storage can be integrated to realize externally linked images in disguise, it is essentially still uploaded locally.

Today, Yueran builds a website to recommend a wordpress plugin (a bit old, but it can be used)-External Media without Import, through which you can add external links to the wordpress media library.


The plug-in is free, you can directly search and download it in the plug-in center of the wordpress website background, or you can download and install it through the link below.

External Media without Import

It should be noted that this plug-in has not been updated for several years. I used it on one of my websites, and the function is normal. You can install it for a try first, and delete it if it doesn’t work.


If your current wordpress website theme supports this plugin (most of them do), then there will be an extra link when uploading pictures in the background media library, as shown in the picture above, click to enter the link to add pictures.


今天悦然建站给大家推荐一款wordpress插件——External Media without Import,通过它即可把外链图片添加到wordpress媒体库中。



External Media without Import




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