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Use SiteGround to block traffic in certain regions to prevent websites from being maliciously attacked (use the built-in function of SiteGround host)

Use SiteGround to block traffic in certain regions to prevent websites from being maliciously attacked (use the built-in function of SiteGround host). Use SiteGround to block traffic in certain regions to prevent malicious attacks on the website. This article mainly introduces a Blocked Traffic function of the Site Ground host, which can block traffic from specific countries and regions and reduce the risk of malicious attacks. This feature can be very useful if your website is being frequently hit by malicious traffic from certain regions.

The following is the official introduction of this function by Site Ground

Ensuring the safety of our clients’ websites has always been a paramount concern for us and an area in which we continuously strive to enhance. Our latest addition to the range of protection measures available to our clients, which comes at no extra cost and is included in all our hosting plans, is the capability to block traffic from specific countries to your website with ease. This feature not only enhances your website security, but also optimizes site performance by reducing resource usage when undesired traffic is prevented from certain locations.

When to consider blocking the traffic from a specific country?

There are different reasons why someone would like to block the traffic from a specific country to their site, but the most common are the following:

  • To Stop Malicious Traffic

If you notice abnormally high traffic from a country that your site is not targeting as audience, or you start receiving too many spam comments from such a country on your blog posts, or you identify any other behavior you consider suspicious, coming from a geographic region that’s not your main user target, it may be a wise idea to block the traffic from this location.

  • To Streamline Your Business

There are various reasons due to which you might not be willing or able to do business with certain countries. Some examples are expensive and/or complicated deliveries; legal requirements that prevent you from providing your service, heavy taxation requirements, etc. Now, if you need to stop access to your site from a specific country due to such reasons, this can be easily done through your Site Tools.

How does SiteGround country block work?

Adding a country to your Blocked list is easy. You need to go to your [Site Tools > Security > Blocked Traffic  > Block Country] section:


Once a country is blocked, all visitors coming from an IP address that we identify as being located in this country will start seeing our default Country Block HTML page.


The tool allows you to block multiple countries, and also to block certain countries from accessing your main domain, or specific sub-domains. You can review the list of all countries you have denied access to, and/or add or remove countries from it with a click of a button at any time. 

Our new Country blocking option is also fully compatible with our SiteGround CDN and visitors from blocked countries would not be able to access your website pages whether you have our CDN service activated or not.





  • 阻止恶意流量


  • 简化您的业务



SiteGround country block 如何运作?

将国家/地区添加到您的阻止列表很容易,请依次打开 [Site Tools > Security > Blocked Traffic  > Block Country] :


如上图所示,设置阻止IP或国家就可以了。一旦某个国家/地区被阻止,来自我们确定位于该国家/地区的 IP 地址的所有访问者将开始看到我们的默认国家/地区阻止 HTML 页面。



这个功能和SiteGround CDN完全兼容,无论您是否激活CDN 服务,来自被屏蔽国家/地区的访问者都无法访问您的网站页面。

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