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How to disable the update prompt of WordPress plugin?(Two methods)


How to disable the update prompt of WordPress plugin? This WordPress tutorial will share with you two ways to disable WordPress plugin updates. Why do you want to disable WordPress plugin updates? Because sometimes a new version of a plugin is not necessarily a good thing, it may have some problems.


If you use WordPress to build a site, then your website will install some WordPress plug -ins, and the plug -in is one of the biggest advantages of the WordPress system.

But there are many WordPress plugins that are updated very frequently, and sometimes we don’t need to update at all.

For example, if you make some modifications to the plug-in yourself, if you update the plug-in, it may become invalid or even unusable, which will affect our use.

So is there any way to simply and quickly prohibit the wordpress plugin from updating the prompt?
The following【WP-Host/悦然wordpress建站】will share with you two methods.

Method 1: Modify the plug-in version number

WordPress plugin update prompt status


As shown in the picture above, your wordpress website background should also have some such plugin update prompts. In most cases, we can update directly, but in some cases it cannot be updated. For example, the new version of the plugin may not be compatible with your current theme. If
You are using a Chinese plug-in and cannot update it casually.

But if we ignore this update prompt, the system will continue to query the database, which consumes some system resources and reduces website performance and website opening speed.

WordPress plugin modification version number


Enter the background of the wordpress website, open [Plug-in]-[Plug-in Editor], then select the plug-in to be modified on the right side of the page, and then enter the corresponding file to modify the version number.

For example, what we are going to modify here is the [Duplicate Post] plug-in. After selecting it, find [Version] in the middle code window, and modify the following number (that is, the version number). It can be changed to a new version or Change to a higher version, and then click the [Update File] button at the bottom.


After the modification is completed, refresh the background, and you can see that the update prompt has disappeared in the plug-in center.

Method 2: use code

We only need one line of code to achieve the effect, the code is as follows:

/** Turn off Word Press automatic updates

You can add the above code to [wp-config.php] in the root directory of the current wordpress website, save it and it will take effect.

After the above code is added, the update of WordPress main program, themes, and plugins will be completely disabled, and there will be no update prompts in the background, but themes and plugins can no longer be installed in the background. (You can upload files using FTP to install)











进入wordpress网站后台,打开【插件】-【插件编辑器】,然后 页面右侧选择要修改的插件,然后进入对应的文件修改版本号即可。比如我们这里准备修改的是【Duplicate Post】这个插件,选择之后在中间的代码窗口中找到【Version】,修改后面的数字(也就是版本号)就可以了,可以改成是新版本,也可以改成更高版本,然后点底部的【更新文件】按钮。





/** 关闭WordPress自动更新升级 */



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