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Solution to Media Library Pictures Not Displayed After WordPress Upgrade

Solution to Media Library Pictures Not Displayed After WordPress Upgrade: I encountered a strange problem on a WordPress website. The WordPress version just updated on this website is normal, but when I enter the WordPress media library, some of the pictures in it cannot be displayed. After searching, I found a solution and shared it with everyone. If you also encountered similar problems, you can refer to this tutorial.


WordPress must pay attention when upgrading the WordPress version, plug-ins, and themes. It is best to make a backup first, otherwise some strange problems will easily occur. During the website maintenance process, we may encounter various problems, some of which may be very difficult to solve, and the best way is to backup, so everyone must develop a good habit of website backup.


A site of Yueran【WP-Host/悦然wordpress建站】encountered such a problem before. After I upgraded wordpress, the pictures in the media library were all gray and not displayed, and the newly uploaded pictures were also not displayed. I found it

I haven’t found a solution for a long time, and finally I can only solve it by restoring the backup.
But then I found a solution. The method was told by a friend. Through the method he provided, I perfectly solved the problem that the media library pictures did not display after the wordpress upgrade.

Let me share with you the solution:

Log in to the server or host panel, open the file management (you can also use ftp), and find the [wp-config.php] file in the root directory of the Word Press website.

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

Add the above code to the end of the [wp-config.php] file.


Refresh, you can see that the pictures in the media library are displayed normally, and the uploaded pictures are also back to normal.






define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );




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