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Such as creating a Site Ground account and purchasing WordPress hosting (including Paypal payment method)

Such as creating a Site Ground account and purchasing WordPress hosting (including Paypal payment method).

This article introduces the steps of how to create a Site Ground account. The main content includes registering a Site Ground account and choosing a plan that suits you, purchasing a wordpress host, and also introducing how to pay with PayPal.

SiteGround hosting is very popular, especially for WordPress users. In China, many of my WordPress foreign trade website building projects use Site Ground hosting. It is cheap, easy to use, and has very good performance. The WordPress website runs on it. high speed.If you want to learn more about Site Ground hosting, you can head over to the full SiteGround hosting review.

Next, let’s start to register and buy a SiteGround hosting of our own.

Choose the right hosting package

There are three options on SiteGround WordPress hosting introduction page, and you can click Compare Word Press Plans at the bottom to see a full feature comparison. Pay particular attention to the difference between Special Prices and regular prices. If it is for personal use, it is recommended to buy the first one, which is the cheapest. If it is a company or commercial website, it is recommended to use the second or third package plan.


After choosing a plan, you just need to click on the Get Plan button to proceed to the next step.
Here you can choose to enter a domain name you already own or register a new one (remember: prices may vary depending on the extension you choose). Unfortunately, SiteGround no longer offers free domain names.

Fill out/purchase domain name


After choosing the corresponding wordpress hosting package, you need to fill in the domain name. If you have already registered the domain name, you can fill it in, or you can directly register the domain name on Site Ground (this is more expensive, not recommended)

credit card payment


After the domain name is determined, enter the payment stage, where the default is to use the credit card payment. Note that the company only accepts payment options such as VISA, Master Card, and Discovery (UnionPay in China is not supported). In the Purchase Information field, there are a few important things to note:

  • Make sure the hosting plan displayed is correct.
  • Check the system suggested data centers – the system will automatically select the closest available data center for you, but you can click the icon to change it if you want.
  • Note that the 12-month period is selected by default. If you choose the one-month Trial option, there will be a sudden setup fee, which can be annoying.
  • Check the Hosting Price column to see your special entry rate as well as your future renewal rate.

Under Extra Services, you can choose additional add-ons as they won’t be checked automatically by default.


Now, you must check the box to confirm that you have read the terms of service (it is also beneficial to read the terms of service first). You can also choose to “Receive Site Ground’s newsletter” which is unchecked by default. Once you click Purchase Now, you will be charged, so make sure all of your credit card information is correct.


After payment, you will receive a confirmation email. If you purchased the domain name together, you need to verify the domain name.

Generally speaking, the registration and purchase of Site Ground hosting is fairly simple, and the only trouble may be the payment method. Fortunately, Site Ground hosting can also use Paypal to pay, but you need to take the initiative to contact their customer service.

Pay with PAYPAL

Step 1: Contact customer service


Pull to the bottom of the siteground page first, click Contact Us, contact customer service, and explain that you need to use PAYPAL to pay. The customer service is also very aware of this situation, and they will tell you the steps directly. Be careful not to pay attention to the chat window of customer service at this time.

Step 2: Submit the order


Fill in all the information except the credit card, especially the email (also your login account), and then directly click PAY NOW to pay. At this time, an error will be prompted, don’t worry about it.

Step 3: Contact customer service to obtain the PAYPAL payment link



Next, you need to tell the customer service that you have submitted the order, he can see it there, and then ask you to provide the email or domain name you filled in earlier, usually the email address is enough. After confirmation, the customer service will send you an exclusive PAYPAL payment link, you only need to click on it and pay with PAYPAL.


Well, I will share here the summary of the registration and purchase process of Site Ground hosting. I hope this article will be helpful to you.




SiteGround的WordPress主机介绍页面上有三个选项,而你可以点击底部的Compare WordPress Plans(比较WordPress计划)以查看其完整的功能比较。请特别留意Special Prices(特殊价格)与常规价格之间的差异。如果是个人使用,建议购买第一个就可以了,它最便宜,如果是公司或商业网站,建议使用第2或第3个套餐计划。


选择计划后,你只需点击Get Plan(获取计划)按钮即可继续下一步。你可在此选择输入你已拥有的域名或注册新域名(请记住:价格可能因你选择的扩件而异)。遗憾的是,SiteGround现在没有提供免费域名了。






域名确定后,进入到付款阶段,这里默认是使用的信用卡支付。请注意,该公司只接受VISA、MasterCard和Discovery等付款选项(不支持中国的银联)。在Purchase Information(购买信息)栏位中,有几点重要事项要注意:

  • 确保显示的计划正确无误。
  • 检查系统建议的数据中心 – 系统会自动为你选择最近的可用数据中心,但如果你有需要,可以点击图标以进行更改。
  • 请注意,系统在默认情况下会选择12个月的期限。如果你选择一个月的Trial(试用)选项,则会突然增生设置费,而这点可能会很烦人。
  • 查看Hosting Price(托管价格)栏位,以查看你的特殊入门率以及你未来的续订率。

在Extra Services(额外服务)下方,你可以选择其他附加组件,因为系统不会在默认情况下自动勾选。


现在,你必须勾选确认你已阅读服务条款(其实先阅读服务条款也有好处)。你还可以选择在默认情况下没有勾选的“接收SiteGround的新闻通讯”。点击Purchase Now(立即购买)后,系统即会进行收费,因此请确保你的所有信用卡信息均正确无误。







首选拉到siteground页面的底部,点Contact Us,联系客服,说明你需要使用PAYPAL支付。客服对这种情况也是非常了解了,他们会直接告诉你步骤。注意此时不要关注客服的聊天窗口。



填写除信用卡之外的所有信息,特别是邮件(也是你的登陆帐号),然后直接点PAY NOW支付。此时会提示错误,不用管它。






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