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Tencent Lightweight application server(腾讯云轻量应用服务器)

  • Speed/速度
  • Safe/安全
  • Web Space/空间
  • Price/价格
4.8/5Overall Score


Tencent Cloud Lightweight Application Server has a comparable performance to regular cloud servers. Most users do not have high traffic on their websites. In 99% of situations, Tencent Cloud Lightweight Application Server has more than enough performance to satisfy our wordpress foreign trade or personal website building needs. The best part is that it has a very low price and it is worth buying.

Tencent Lightweight application server(腾讯云轻量应用服务器):This cloud server is popular among me and our Chinese clients. It has a one-click BT panel installation and a fast deployment of the runtime environment. It offers a large cloud disk space, powerful configuration, and high bandwidth that can speed up your wordpress website. It also has a very reasonable price that is lower than CloudWays for the same configuration. Tencent Lightweight application server (Tencent Cloud Lightweight Application Server) is a great option for Chinese users or those who prefer Chinese language. You can also buy it from outside China, just like I can buy SiteGround or CloudWays from China.

Tencent Lightweight application server(腾讯云轻量应用服务器)-WP-Host

Tencent Reviews

Tencent Lightweight application server(腾讯云轻量应用服务器):In China, Tencent Cloud is one of the top 3 cloud service providers. I use Tencent Cloud servers for some of my WordPress websites and I have a very good experience with them. Internationally, Tencent Cloud also has a relatively high reputation. So whether you are a user in China or abroad, you can buy Tencent Cloud’s light application servers or other cloud products with confidence. Of course, this is just my own opinion. How does Tencent Cloud’s light application server perform in reality? You can check out the evaluation below.

Overall situation of Tencent Lightweight application server

  • Pros
  • A cloud server with good performance, large space, high configuration, large bandwidth and low price that you can buy for almost the same price as SiteGround hosting.
  • provides free SSL certificates
  • you can choose from a variety of pre-installed images, such as BT panel, etc.
  • Cons:
  • requires some hands-on ability, may be a bit difficult for beginners to use
Tencent Lightweight application server(腾讯云轻量应用服务器)-WP-Host
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Overall, Tencent Cloud’s light application server is quite recommendable, although it may seem a bit mediocre. This is because cloud servers have a high degree of playability. As long as you know a little bit, you can install any components you need. Generally speaking, users who know a little bit of technology prefer to buy cloud servers, so they have their own advantages. You can choose according to your needs.

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